Are there too many graduation requirements?

Graduation is coming up fast for the seniors this year.

Graduation is coming up fast for the seniors this year.

Erica Jenkins, Staff Reporter

As all high school students know, every state has a set of requirements in order to be able to graduate. Many believe that some are ridiculous, while others say they should be more strict. In Washington state, specifically in the Auburn School District, there are many requirements in order to graduate from high school and successfully go on to college. Seniors should already have these down and together at this point in the year, but often times the specific tasks are completed or even known of until the end of senior year. This can create panic among students, and the fact that there are many, extremely specific requirements for the students to complete makes things very difficult.

A simplified list of the requirements (which were difficult to find purely online) are as follows: You must have 24 credits, where 7 of the 24 are flexible, and the rest are not. Two of these credits may be waived for students with “unusual circumstances.” A “High school and Beyond” class must be completed, along with with a senior portfolio, 10 volunteer hours and you must pass the English, math, and science SBA tests. This information was found via the Auburn School District website, which links to other websites made by Washington State officials.

When a poll was taken among a few students, all students agreed that there are too many requirements. One student pointed out that, so far, the High School and Beyond service have been unhelpful. Another said that the volunteer hour requirements were “dumb.” One teacher, on the other hand, said that more service hours should be required, and that they should be more strict in checking the validity of service hours that seniors are entering online, because students are now able to just check a box, without a staff member even validating the service hours the student, allegedly, completed.

Most seniors hate the fact that there are so many requirements for graduation, other than passing the correct classes, while others claim it prepares students for a better future beyond high school (hence the “High School and Beyond” classes). Should these requirements be changed? How can they be approved? These are things that are extremely important for high school students to thrive when they graduate, and should possibly be re-evaluated.