Seniors have the opportunity to buy their Chromebooks for $5


Hanna Andersson, Staff Reporter

It’s the second year in a row that seniors have the option to buy their Chromebooks from the school. This is an opportunity to keep the device that they have been working on for several years, and the price is very affordable as you will get the Chromebook, the charger and the case for a total of five dollars.

“It’s a great opportunity, because if you wanted to purchase a Chromebook now, it would have cost you around $200-300,” says Toni Dudley who works with technical support here at Auburn Riverside.

If you’re thinking about buying your Chromebook, the next time you can make this purchase is between June 10 and 14 at lunch, at the cashiers office.

“Last year, our entire student body minus about fifteen students bought them, so I’m expecting that most would this year,” Dudley explains.

The Chromebooks have been a good tool for the students’ learning and it will most likely still be used for at least the closest years to come.

“I mean, it’s another opportunity to do research, and it’s also a way for you to work on homework and assignments on the go,” says Dudley. “There’s really no reason why you can’t work,” she continues when explaining the benefits of the Chromebooks.

Librarian Lisa Gallinatti works closely with the students and therefore also their Chromebooks. “I think, as a high school student, it is really important that they get exposed to different sorts of technology,” she says.

Even if the seniors are given the choice of buying their Chromebook, Dudley emphasizes that until the money is paid, the Chromebook are still the Auburn School District’s property.

“I think that there is a huge misunderstanding that it’s theirs and that they can do whatever they want with them,” Dudley explains with concern.


Hanna Andersson, “Seniors have the opportunity to buy their Chromebook for $5”