Tyler Richardson

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Tyler Richardson

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

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  With over 1,600 people there are many different students at ARHS. Senior Tyler Richardson was nominated by a teacher to interview. While talking to him you realize that he is a very kind and a self proclaimed goofball.

  “I’m just more okay with me being weird, before [freshman year] you just are more concerned about people and I don’t care [what others think].”

  He has been going to Riverside since freshman year and has loved every second of it. He has tried different sports from golf and waterpolo and admires Mr. Van Eaton.

  “I did it [waterpolo] this year for the first time and I wished I did it all four years,”  Richardson said. “It’s just the best sport ever it’s actually amazing. I thought it was stupid before I played it.”

  Playing sports helped Richardson to understand the value of hard work, “ It’s a place where I can push myself constantly. There’s never a place where you can just sit and be okay with yourself,” Richardson said. “It has a lot of lessons it can teach you. Like when you work hard you can see improvements in yourself.”

  He is just trying to figure out what he wants to do next year and where he wants to go.  

  “I’m probably going to start a mission for my church hopefully to someplace warm.”

  Over is four years at Riverside a some teachers have made impacts on Richardson, from Mr. Huylar or Mr. Van Eaton to his favorite teacher Ms. Conant.

  “I had her last year and she’s just pretty fun,” Richardson said. “ She’s almost like a student, when she’s teaching she doesn’t seem like one of the other teachers.”

 As Richardson’s days at Riverside start to wind down he remembers all the fun times he has had here, “We had a pancake party last year, that was pretty fun cause we were with another class, we won the food drive.”