The dedication of Brandon Croxen


Connor MacDougall, Staff Reporter

At Auburn Riverside, many students show a hefty amount of dedication throughout their lives, whether it be through sports, clubs, or other activities. But few students at our school possess as much dedication and talent as sophomore Brandon Croxen.

Croxen’s passions vary, but no matter what it is, it’s clear he possesses a substantial level of skill in them.

“It’s a tie between orchestra and drama,” Croxen says when asked what he’s most passionate about. “I’m in the Chamber Orchestra here at Riverside (which is, by the way, the highest orchestra level one could be in), and I was also a house manager for ‘Urinetown: The Musical’ this year.”

On top of this, Croxen is very involved in religious activities outside of our school, where he also shows incredible commitment.

“I’m really big in religion, I go to church down in Sumner at Calvary Community Church, and I’m involved in the student ministry there,” Croxen explains. “And I’m also in a Bible study that’s stationed in Lakeland.”

To get a better understanding of his personality, Croxen was asked who he would have dinner with, out of anyone, living or dead. His response further builds on his commitment to religion.

“Probably Jesus, like he’s the main person in my religion,” Croxen tells, “and so I would love to, like, sit down and ask him questions and see his point of view on everything.”

Obviously, Croxen is on track to do great things in life. He aims to go to college and get his theology degree, and soon after join the United States Air Force as a Chaplain. Definitely keep an eye out for him in the future, as the dedication he shows now in his teenage years will almost certainly translate well to his adulthood.