Daniel Miller III shows how to be a raven

Von Miller was a person who impacted Daniel Miller. Thanks for being a great Raven, Miller!

Von Miller was a person who impacted Daniel Miller. Thanks for being a great Raven, Miller!

Celeste Pearisaeff, Staff Reporter

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Daniel Miller III is a sophomore here at Auburn Riverside, filled with a variety of talents and experiences that have impacted both him and the people around him. Miller is one of a few students who were nominated by teachers for their wonderful attitudes. Interviewing him was fun and he was very open and answered each question with thought put into each word.

One quality of Miller, his favorite sport/hobby/pastime is bowling. He spoke about how he enjoys it very much, and even hopes for a future career as a pro bowler. Recently, Miller got fourth place in the state in bowling! This is the only sport Miller mentioned enjoying to play, but there is one that he quite enjoys watching that, after one experience, has impacted his life hugely. Football.

First, Miller was asked his favorite color and right off the bat with that he mentioned this national sport (his answer being orange because it’s his favorite football team’s primary color.) The Denver Broncos, a team down in Colorado, that Miller and his family apparently watch and enjoy a great deal—so much so that one Super Bowl year, they drove all the way down to watch in the matter of one day:

“When the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50, me, my dad and my brother, we drove down to Denver in basically one day,” Miller said. “And then when we got there, we had a sign, and on the sign, it said, ‘The Millers drove 1,364 miles.’ And the Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, he put down the Lombardi when he was on top of the firetruck and looked at my sign and pointed at me, and I have a picture of him looking at me.” Miller said that this was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Some other qualities of Miller that he explained in the interview were that his favorite movie genres are action and comedy, his favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation (search it on Netflix) and his favorite character from said show is Andy. Also that his favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip with moose tracks (Yum!), his favorite type of candy are those Reese’s eggs and he prefers sweet treats over sour. Miller has lived in Washington since he was born (January 7, 2003) and he has one sibling who he simply stated the relationship between as “alright.”

When asked where Miller would live if he could choose anywhere in the world, his response was Sweden and Colorado, as he enjoys the cold (and probably because of his love for the Denver Broncos.) Miller’s favorite class, also the one he was interviewed outside of, is his Physics class. He stated that the things in that class that he has learned and is learning, really fascinate him. One way he has felt he’s impacted someone, was just recently he helped a friend of his with some math homework that they didn’t understand—helping people is something that Miller enjoys and it really brings out how good his character is. The very last question was, “If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?” Which, after putting some thought into it, Miller replied with a dragon.

Miller is a person who has a fairly “chill” demeanor (and he is quite in personality also) but he was a very kind guy to interview. His answers were simple, but he put thought into each one and answered honestly. Like the impact that his football team and Von Miller made on him before, Miller is definitely someone who could easily affect others in a positive manner. He was a great interviewee and person for this interview.