Annalisa Battista shows incredible perseverance this school year


Jack Morrell, Staff Reporter

Freshman Annalisa Battista has put forth a tremendous amount of determination and perseverance to start her high school career. She takes plenty of pride in school and makes it her number one priority. Battista has an honest and sincere enjoyment for school, as shown by saying, 

“The learning process and the tools it will provide to me to be successful in the future [are what I enjoy about school].

Battista grew up in the area with her brother and attended North Tapps Middle School. However, one thing that is very unique about her is that she has a prominent Italian heritage, as she speaks the language fluently. Battista and her family take annual trips to Italy to visit her family overseas.

Battista is also involved in a plentiful amount of activities both in and out of school.

“[In school I participate in,] marching band, piano for the jazz choir, math club, tennis, and swimming,” while she is also involved with “ [additional] piano practice, [playing the]oboe, and tennis lessons as well” outside of school.

With her passion for education, Battista has been at the top of her class in grade-point-average, with a 4.0 for several consecutive years. Her purpose for being so involved in school is to work towards her overlying goal. Battista has goals to attend a school affiliated in the Ivy League and major in pre-med to become a doctor.

With her continuous hard-working ethic, Battista has shown that she is determined to achieve her goals, making her one of the several students that stand out here at Riverside.