Charles Caunan: “One thing that makes me happy is seeing other people happy”

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Charles Caunan: “One thing that makes me happy is seeing other people happy”

Hanna Andersson, Staff Reporter

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Here at Auburn Riverside we have a wide spread of talented, hardworking, and successful students, all in their own unique way. The school has several ways of acknowledging these students and our daily shoutouts and athlete of the week displays are just two examples of them. In this week’s issue of InFlight, we are following the same example by putting the spotlight on some of these students.

Charles Caunan is one of this year’s exchange students, coming all the way from the Philippines. He is a junior, and has during the year been involved in theater as well as key club. Some of the classes he is taking includes beyond advanced algebra, biology and psychology.

“ I love psychology,” says Caunan smiling when I ask him what his favorite class is.

Coming to a new country and going to a new school can obviously be challenging, but there is also a lot of positive sides to it.

“In one sentence I can say that, this is one of the most perfect things I have experienced so far,” says Caunan.

“During my exchange year I have experienced a lot. Being in an american school, and meeting other people with different personalities and different perspectives in life has been interesting,” Caunan continues.

One of Caunan’s goals for the future is to finish his studies, as he aspires to become a nurse.

“I can see a lot of opportunities when you’re a nurse. You can travel and you can work in different countries,” he says.

It is clear that Caunan is passionate about taking care of other people and he explains that he “also [wants] to help people, especially the poor and the needy,” as doing good for others is a big part of his life.

“One thing that makes me happy is seeing other people happy. I don’t really care about my own [happiness], I just want to make them happy.”

This year has had a positive impact on Caunan and he tells me about how doing this exchange year has helped him get over previous bullying.

“Before I went to Riverside people said that “Oh you can’t do that, because you’re weak,” he says. “But since I got here I learned that I can do things. Not to prove them, but to prove to myself that I can do things,” he continues.

From the short interview that InFlight had the opportunity to have with Caunan, there is no doubt that he is a kind, strong and polite student and person. Riverside has made an impact on him and he has made an impact on Riverside, and we can all learn from his experience as an exchange student.

“I learned that the life is the greatest, or the hardest, exam. Because people might pass, or people might fail but you should just keep going.”