Outstanding student achievement

Outstanding student achievement

Jones, Randal

Annjanettea Doyle, Staff Reporter

Michael Goforth is a 16-years-old sophomore at Auburn Riverside High School. He got nominated by a teacher for being an outstanding student and being a good person in general, to which he is a perfect example of being a raven. Goforth is a hardworking student, he is in the woodshop. Some sports he has done is soccer, kicked for the football team, and he competitively bowled. As well as he has done selective soccer when he was younger. His favorite class is math because he enjoys it.

He usually listens to the music that is trendy at the time. He used to be in ASB when he was in middle school but not in high school because he is to busy.

Goforth likes ARHS because its “a safe community”, he has a lot of friends and as well he likes the teachers at the high school.

He is a very well known person, he has no social media. He said that his grandmother inspires him in his life. In the future, he wants to kick in college for a football team and if that doesn’t work he wants to get into the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. He said that he wants to go to college and take him where the road leads him.

The colleges he wants to go to in the future after high school is the University of Idaho and the University of Arizona. He doesn’t work at the moment but, during the summer he does a job for a camp at the YMCA.

Goforth is in the community a lot and is an outstanding student and has a bright future.