Testing schedules need to be fixed


Ellie Walter-Goodspeed, Business Manager

Testing is just a part of life that students have to get used to when they enter into school. There will always be infinite number of tests that will be given from pop quizzes, unit tests, vocabulary quizzes, finals, to state testing. It just feels like it will never end and, to add on some more stress all important tests seem to fall all around each other.

  Coming up at Riverside there is SBA testing, which by itself seems to be fine and not a big deal. But add on that students who are taking the test still have other class homework to complete and any other tests that the teachers feel just cannot be moved to a later date.  

  Sophomore Dylan Trivelli is taking three AP classes, AP Language, AP Psychology and AP Chemistry. He wishes that SBA testing could be moved later, “It [SBA and AP testing] puts more stress on [the student],” Trivelli said. “It should be changed so they are a bit more separate.”

   But wait there’s more, AP testing is in the following weeks. So now you have SBA testing, and prep for the AP tests that have teacher and student alike stressed out. The SBA is just taking time out of valuable review time that has already been eaten into due to the snow days in February, which will be made up after the AP tests.

  The scheduling of tests is also a problems because kids like Dylan have two AP tests on the same day so now he needs to study for both tests. Then he has to come early on that day to take one AP test, then stay later after school to finish another one.  

  This is insane! How can teacher or the college board expect a student to study like crazy for AP test, worry about passing SBA testing which is a graduation requirement, and with all the extra time they now have keep up with class work for other classes.