Athlete of the week

PHOTO CREDS: Autumn Lee playing fastpitch for the Ravens

Grace Humphries, Staff Reporter

Last week, Auburn Riverside junior Autumn Lee was named “Athlete of the Week” for her excellent performance in softball. She pitched 12 innings in pitching two complete game shutouts and led the Ravens to win 10-0 against Todd Beamer and 1-0 against Enumclaw.

“It was just a cool experience, it’s nice that we get written up,” replied Lee when she was asked how she felt about being Athlete of the Week.

But getting to the point she’s at wasn’t easy, it took lots of time and effort. When asked how long she had been playing fastpitch, Lee said that she had been playing for quite some time, and that she started playing travel ball by the time she was nine years old. Travel ball is a step up from normal recreational girls softball, and they get to play games outside of their region.

After being asked about how her season this year was going, Lee commented,

“It’s been interesting, but in a good way. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs, to say the least. But overall, I really like my team and all the girls are really good. We definitely have a lot of potential, now it’s just seeing if we can live up to it.”

When she talked about her team, she had a look of pride and happiness on her face.

Being team captain, having confidence and pride in her team is a good thing.

“I enjoy being able to lead, and it’s fun to be able to make decisions and not have to rely on other people to make the decisions,” said Lee.

This is her second year being team captain for her ARHS softball team. But aside from her love for her team, she loves the sport itself.

“I enjoy how it’s like an individual game that you play as a team,” explained Lee.

She also said that she played basketball for the school, but she likes fastpitch a lot better. When she was explaining this, she was smiling and looked truly passionate about what she was saying.

Though, being this committed to a sport can be very time consuming. When asked about how she balances school and sports, Lee laughed and said,

“Pretty much all my time goes to sports, and then all my remaining time is eating and doing my homework.”

Aside from how much time it takes up, Lee has a strong love for her sport and her team.