Cell phones in schools should be allowed

Cell phones should be allowed in schools

Cell phones should be allowed in schools

Hanna Andersson, Staff Reporter

When discussing the presence of cell phones in schools, it always seems to stir controversy. This is understandable because new appliances have always met opposition throughout history.

The light bulb, personal computers and typewriters are just a few devices that all received criticism when they first became available to more people. Today, they are rarely questioned as they are basic parts of our modern lifestyle. In my opinion, the cell phones are in the same position right now.

Even if having your phone at school would distract you from your school work, I still believe that it is every student’s own choice and responsibility to keep up and perform in school.

In a smaller survey here at Auburn Riverside High School, students from different age groups were asked if they consider themselves responsible enough to have access to their phones in class. 100 percent answered that they did.

I believe that if students are allowed to take responsibility for their own education they will, and if they can learn to discipline themselves in school, they will be better employees in the future as they can hold themselves accountable without a boss having to “babysit” them.

This does not mean that there can’t be a middle ground. We don’t need to choose between non-tolerance or lawlessness.

In fact, over 27 percent of the students from the earlier mentioned survey answered that they want stricter rules around cell phones.

I think that the most important factor of approaching a solution to the cell phone issue is communication. There has to be a conversation between students and the people of authority in schools in order to create a trusting relationship where functional rules can be established and followed.

From my perspective, we have to accept the cell phones as a newer part of our modern lifestyle and work with them instead of against them.