Slow walkers in the hallway frustrates many


Many students every day between each period flood the halls to get to their next class. With people slowing down or stopping in the hallway, it makes it a lot more difficult to get from place to place.

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

Slow walkers in the hallway has been a problem for a very long time, and unfortunately, the problem doesn’t seem as if it’s going away any time soon. It’s a different story if you have an injury, but if you’re just slow, that’s when it starts to annoy people. This includes people who stop in the middle of the hallway to talk or clump up in groups to gossip.

It is known that there are two sides of the hallway. One going one way, the other going the opposite. If someone stops in the middle of it, it disrupts the entire flow of the student body, and can even make some students late to class if they have to travel across campus for their next class. Many believe that if you really must stop and talk to a friend, don’t stop in the middle. Additionally, if you really are just naturally slow and just can’t pick up your feet, being on the far side closer to the wall makes it a lot easier for almost everyone.

“I feel like there’s better places to [stop in the hallway] instead of in front of people that are just trying to get to their classes,” said junior Aaron Cleminson. “I have four portable classes so I have to go from portable, to school, to portable, to school every single time I go to each class, so it’s really disruptive.”

While some people may have shorter legs than others which can cause them to walk a little slower than taller people, it becomes a problem when it becomes purposeful. When people who tend to walk faster, or not slow, get stuck behind someone who needs to pick up their pace, it can get annoying very fast.

“I think mainly the problem isn’t people walking slow,” said Cleminson, “it’s just chatting with their friends and everything, or sticking in the middle of the hallway with their group of friends when they could easily just scooch to the edge of the hallway towards the hallway to do that so people can pass by easier.”

When people stop, block, or slow down in the middle of the hallway, it tends to back people up and creates a traffic jam. This results in people rushing to class, or risk being late altogether. For some people who need to get to class on time, this poses a major problem when they’re not able to speed up because of the people they’re trapped behind.

“They’re creating a traffic jam almost, and sometimes kids can’t get out of their classes right away and they’re already in a rush, but slow walkers tend to progressively get slower in the middle of the hallway,” said sophomore Michelle Nguyen. “I think people need to speed up in the hallway sometimes because a lot of kids say they’re tardy but they’re really late because of slow walkers blocking the hallway.”

Reading and texting while walking can also be very annoying to others, whether it causes those people to bump into others or slow down in general. Distractions can be a problem if other people are trying to get from point A to point B and those distractions cause them to slow down, especially in the busiest parts of the hallways.

“I don’t consider myself to be a fast or slow walker, I consider myself to be medium. I tend to get to class on time if there’s no traffic jam,” said Nguyen. “If they know they are slow walkers, they should head out faster so they don’t slow other people down.”

So, whether you’re a slow walker or stop altogether in the hallways, it’s an important piece of advice and a good reminder that you need to speed up. Most conversations can wait until later, drama and gossip doesn’t have to be told right that moment. Therefore, please do everyone a favor and be aware of your walking speed.