Talent show receives less publicity

PHOTO CREDIT: www.ccps.us
Images like these can be put on posters or on a school website to advertise a talent show.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.ccps.us Images like these can be put on posters or on a school website to advertise a talent show.

Grace Humphries, Staff Reporter

Typically, there is a talent show every year here at Auburn Riverside, so it makes sense that there would be one this year as well, but not many people have heard of it. For starters, there is going to be a talent show this year, taking place on May 9. That’s less than a month away. Now you may be thinking that this isn’t a very big deal, but do you know why there’s a show in the first place?

The show is actually a fundraiser for the music programs, providing money for new equipment, new music, etc. This money also helps kids be able to go on music trips if they can’t afford it. So, needless to say, it’s a pretty important fundraiser.

Junior Maliyah Kim, one of the students that does The Daily Bulletin over the intercom daily, discussed her take on the talent show. She told me that she hadn’t heard anything about the talent show, and it wasn’t even brought up in Leadership. When I told her that the show was a fundraiser, she seemed surprised, saying, “It is? I didn’t know that.”

One thing I’ve noticed is there’s a “sports alert” announcement almost every day, and school sports are advertised much more than music events. If there’s that much attention being drawn to sports, why can’t music events be just as celebrated? These programs should be treated as equal to other things that make the daily bulletin every day.

Music can have a huge impact on a student’s life, and if there’s no talk about it, they may never find that passion. A good example of a student that is passionate about music is Mariah McCoin, a freshman here at Auburn Riverside. When I interviewed her, she told me that she had been in both band choir for almost four years now.

“Music has had a lot of impact on my life,” said McCoin. “It just lightens my mood every day.”

She told me that music not only makes her feel better, but she says it makes her feel more creative. She also said that she would recommend music to a loved one if they were going through a rough time in their life, saying that music makes her happy and that it’s an experience everyone should have. She told me she wants to be either a choir teacher or a music therapist when she grows up.

“I love teaching and I love helping people, so it’s a good combination.”

This is a good example of how much of an impact music can have on someone’s life. If these programs aren’t talked about and don’t get the funding they need, it’s depriving kids of that amazing experience that can change their life. The talent show needs to be advertised and talked about, because not only does it give students the ability to inspire others with their talent, it gives any student the opportunity to experience the magic of music.