Student hidden talent


Annjanettea Doyle, Staff Reporter

           Hidden talents are pretty cool honestly if you know someone all your life and then find out they have a hidden talent. You ask what it is, how they got it or what they do with and this is exactly what I did. A spotlight we want to put on is for these hidden talents within our school at Auburn Riverside High School. So we choose Elizabeth Carson this is because of her talent for her dancing ability which she loves to do. Elizabeth is a sophomore.

           If you ever see Carson she will more than likely being some type of dance or gymnastic move like a back bend just because that’s how she is and she is very impressive when does do this. For Carson her hidden talent of dancing, she said, “It helps me destress and feel happier.” Which allows her to focus on the things around her. Some opportunities that she has gotten are in theater, church and within the school. Carson actually got the opportunity to choreograph a musical at Auburn Ave this spring. She helped choreograph dances for the Madagascar movie that young children from 6-14 got to perform in.

           This was pretty recent and it really helped Carson strengthen her abilities at dancing. But there are some pros and cons to having her talent. For pros, she gets to exercise while doing what she loves and this produces happy endorphins which are always good. Then the cons Carson said, “Sometimes I overwork myself.”  Which can be bad for her but, it makes her happy and that’s why does it.

                Carson has been dancing most of her life for musical theatre and even when she was a kid she went to Auburn Dance Academy for over three years. Aswell as she did theatre training and that helped her with her dancing. Over the year she’ll do about two to four musical theatre shows which help her master her art of dance.