Victor Vongkhamchanh makes a splash in soccer


The C team photo above was taken at Stadium High School.

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

InFlight: How long have you been playing soccer?

Victor Vongkhamchanh: Probably like 10 years.


InFlight: Why did you start playing?

Vongkhamchanh: Well my dad he wanted me to play cause he played when he was younger so like I started to play.


InFlight: What do you love about soccer? Why do you play it?

Vongkhamchanh: It just like working with my teammates and having fun, competing with other teams [is fun].


InFlight: Do you notice a big difference between C team and varsity?

Vongkhamchanh: Yes, because obviously we are like the underdogs varsity is obviously going to have more control and better passing, with C team maybe we are just more beginners. We are still learning.


InFlight: Do you plan to play all four years at Riverside?

Vongkhamchanh: I plan on going to do running start in 11 grade, but I won’t stop playing.


InFlight: So far this season what is your favorite memory?

Vongkhamchanh:  Probably when we went for team bonding, we went to eagle camp and everyone went [all teams]. We did rock climbing, played basketball and soccer, we played dodgeball.


InFlight: What do you enjoy about soccer at Riverside as opposed to club soccer? What is the difference?

Vongkhamchanh: There is a difference because you club soccer team might be better but C team soccer is just to make new friends. I have met a lot of new people. I only knew a couple of them [players] and now I know like the whole team.