Elementary and Middle School Orchestra’s Combine with Riverside’s for Mashup Concert


Picture taken at the most recent orchestra concert. This picture has the eighth grade and concert orchestra in it.

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

All the orchestra’s from 5 to 12 grade had a concert on Tuesday, April 17. Each orchestra performed about three songs during their time on stage. The fifth graders performed four songs to show off the skills they’ve gained over the past few months. Riverside’s concert orchestra and chamber orchestra performed two songs each and the concert orchestra performed with the eighth grade choir, which really showcases their talent because they had never practiced together before.

“Getting to see the other groups perform [during the concert] is always great,” Junior Noah Sergis said.

A quintet performed a piece that they will be performing at national this year at the beginning of the concert in front of the fifth graders, giving them a front row seat to their performance. The fifth graders were advised to stay for the entire concert so they could see what they could become as they progressed and stuck with orchestra.

“My favorite part about the concert was getting the chance to hear all of the other orchestras from 5-12 grade play. I was amazed by how many orchestra students there are!” Sophomore Emily Paris said.

Hearing all of the different experience levels work together in the orchestra was really something magical. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been playing for years, the Auburn Riverside orchestra is open to all.

“This is my first year in orchestra and I absolutely love it so far. Although it is difficult to keep up sometimes, it has really helped me grow!” said Paris.