Flavored M&Ms


Here are some of our more primary colored M&Ms with flavorings such as banana and apple. Very nutritious while still a candy all can enjoy.

Celeste Pearisaeff and Erica Jenkins, Staff Reporter

On a daily basis, people talk about, chat about or discuss all of the different flavors of primary colored M&M’s. From cherry red to banana /lemon yellow, green apple green and chocolate brown. The flavorful company has recently released some newer flavors, including, but not at all limited to, Smaragdine (watermelon) flavor, Glaucous (blueberry) flavor, Xanadu (kiwi) flavor, Eburnean (coconut) flavor and purple grape flavor.

For a limited time, M&M will be releasing “Meme” flavors of M&M’s including Juul pod flavored, tide pod flavored and fresh avocado flavored M&M’s. They’re even partnering with Jelly Belly to produce a variety pack and create an M&M version of Bean Boozled. Flavors to be afraid of being: Soap, black licorice, rotten tomato, and many other flavors.

Many people are non-believers of the different flavorings of M&M’s, spouting silly words like “They’re all chocolate!” But studies have shown that even the earliest of the candy were of different tastes. In fact, after a study conducted on February 30, 2019, M&M sales have skyrocketed as more people want to taste them and pay more attention to the taste.

Unfortunately, some conspiracy theorists have managed to keep a chunk of the population from believing all of this, despite the research proof. Of course, there’s also a big chunk of fans who are indifferent to the whole situation, not caring and saying totally random things like, “It doesn’t matter.” It is said that these sources are not credible. An interview was conducted recently with a previous employee from the company, having worked there for five years before getting laid off for continuing to make M&M flavored M&M’s.

“Yeah, I’ve been working at the M&M factory for about five years now,” says John Stokes, (an individual who has asked to keep his identity off the record for this interview) confirming one side of the flavored M&M “conspiracy.” He claims that “The company has always wanted its workers to keep quiet on the conspiracy. But I’m APPARENTLY being laid off for a reason I can’t even begin to describe, so really there’s no point in continuing to keep the secret,” and that’s all the interviewee said on the subject.

Aside from the conspiracy of the M&M flavors, the company has recently released the process of making their candies, which are now able to legally be considered organic. This especially applies to the more natural flavored M&M’s, like red cherry and fresh avocado. They list the harvesting process of their fruits used for the candy flavors, and how they get to the factories that make the now organic candies. Multiple dietary plans of lows carbs but two packages of these nutritional M&M’s are being used for people trying to hold a healthy, balanced diet. Yet another impact of these [flavored] candies.


(This article is a satire and so not relevant or truthful)