Rumors ignite as people claim Florida was invaded by aliens

The country is in disarray with Florida becoming more unearthly every day.

The country is in disarray with Florida becoming more unearthly every day.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Florida for the past few years. It all started when a Florida man ate another man in 2012. Ever since, Florida has become the center of attention for things that are anything but normal.

People across the U.S. have been outraged for years about Florida’s constant disregard for normalcy. Countless news outlets, social media sites, and even memes have been spreading the word about the state’s constant ordeals.

According to Florida Sucks Nightly News, a news headline with a crime that is perceived as “otherworldly” by the rest of the states happens every two seconds. Headlines such as, “man lets alligator bite him to see if he would bleed,” “Florida man steals cop car ‘for fun,’” and “Florida man tries to rob local restaurant with a frog.”

Now, people of the other 49 states are pressuring the U.S. government to send troops and scientists down to Florida to investigate how the people of Florida became so different from the rest of the states.

There have been countless individuals who have moved out of Florida who reported strange activity from the state.

Lorena Linda, a 35-year-old who moved from Jacksonville, Florida gave her testimony to local newspapers when she arrived in California.

“I saw a round black blur zoom across the sky one day in 2012. People were saying how I just imagined it, but I know what I saw. The next day that man ate someone’s face off.”

Another frightening testimony comes from Mike Query, a 41-year-old who moved from Gainesville, Florida to Portland, Oregon a few months ago.

“I saw someone, or something rather. It was standing outside my back door, just staring at me. I screamed ‘SHOO’ at it and it scattered away. I saw it go the way of my neighbor’s house to the left, but I didn’t contact him because I didn’t want him to think I was crazy. The next day, he was found trying to get a bird to bite him, so they could communicate with each other.”

Linda and Query are not the only ones to see strange things in and around their homes. According to a study by Florida Surveys, 98 percent of people in Florida have seen things that they could only describe as “aliens.” The other two percent claim they have never seen anything and all the other people are crazy and delusional.

As the government moves towards putting Florida on quarantine, the nation continues to be shocked by all the abnormal events that happen in Florida every day.