De-influencers Taking Small Companies Down


Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

A new wave of celebrities is taking over social media. Social de-influencers are being paid thousands of dollars to make people dislike products, just because of their status on social media.

“I’ve made millions telling people how lame some products are. I’ve created a brand for myself just through pointing out the suckiness of so many products. I’m really helping out society through my platform,” de-influencer Kar Kimdashian said.

Companies have gone out of business due to these new social media celebrities and the posts they are paid to make. Rival companies pay these influencers to post about the competing companies.

“I’m the reason Blockbuster went out of business. Netflix paid me millions to get rid of them,” said popular de-influencer Hellen Begeneres.

These de-influencers are making an extremely larger impact on society right now. So many people have been boycotting brands just because their favorite celebrity said to. They have such a large influence on people’s actions just because of their follower count.

“I’ve made people go from loving a company or brand to hating it to the point where they never buy it again. My impact on society is huge,” Kimdashian said.

The days of business ethics have gone out the door. Nike has paid millions to try and take down small upcoming companies just to get rid of the idea of new competition.

“I’m not going to say how much I’ve paid to get rid of the lower brands, but lets just say it’s in the millions,” CEO of Nike, Mark Parker said.

Small or dying business are going to be extinct by 2020. With so many de-influencers taking over, the only brands left will be the most popular ones.

“There’s no room in this economy for lame brands nobody has heard of. And I am more than happy to trash those companies on my Instagram knowing that I am doing the world a favor,” said popular YouTuber Paul Jake.

De-influencers are taking over the world. Statistics show that by 2021, all those sad business will no longer exist due to these de-influencers.