Andrew Adam Wins State Dive Championships


Andrew Adam getting ready to dive at the Auburn vs. Auburn meet.

Maddy Taylor, staff reporter

This year, Junior Andrew Adam won the WIAA state championships on February 16. He was the only diver that went to state for Riverside, but he said he never felt alone throughout the competition.

“I was surrounded by all my friends and coaches, but it got really close going into the finals,” Adam said.

Diving is a very difficult sport. Making sure you are in good physical shape and knowing the proper form are very important aspects of the sport. To get to state, you have to be the top diver for your school and district. In order to win state, you not only have to be one the best divers in your state, but you have to be able to execute very difficult dives because the harder the dive and the better the execution, the better score you get.

“It’s all a mental game. Once your body knows it’s like a memory and you won’t mess it up.”

Representing your school and winning state is such a big accomplishment, and it is something Adam will probably remember forever. All the effort he put in during the season paid off in those last dives.

“Coming out of the water after my last dive knowing that I won [was the most memorable moment].”