A rewarding robotics competition


The robotics team after the latest competition.

Erica Jenkins, staff reporter


Recently, Auburn Riverside’s robotics team, named “Hello World,” competed in the PNW wide high school robotics competition on March 1 – March 3. 18 of the club’s members went, including all of their officers as well as their core drivers, mechanical, electrical and programming team, according to Garden Kopcho, a senior in both our high school and in the robotics club. The competition was held at Mount Vernon High School according to Kace Gavin, a junior at Auburn Riverside.

Every team participating in the robotics competition was given six weeks to work on their robot. After those six weeks, the team was forced to put their robot into a bag and could not touch it or work on it until the start of the competition. They were given the instructions to the challenge on January 5, and the robot had to be bagged on February 19, according to Kopcho.

“Competition is always very hectic, but it’s extremely fun,” Kopcho went on to claim.”Between watching teams compete, dancing to fun music, and meeting new people, FIRST competitions are not just about learning but making lasting connections as well. Although we’re there first and foremost to compete, robotics competitions are also a great way to make lasting friendships.”

As for the results of the competition, the club did extremely well. They moved onto quarterfinals and won a judges award for diversity. Gavin claims they lost quarterfinals only by a mere 3 points. The club is currently ranked 20 in the Pacific Northwest District. The next competition they participate in is at Auburn High on March 29 – March 31. They already have plans on fixing some parts of the robot, and to train the drivers of the robot more efficiently. Gavin said that “Comparing to previous years, we were a lot more relaxed and had more control over the performance of the robot. In previous years more things broke but we planned really well this year to avoid that!”

Overall, the team did very well, and many people in the club learned for the experience, and were inspired to pursue more mechanically involved careers, and improve on the club’s creation. They enjoyed every second of the competition (even losing) because they learned from the experience and they had fun being there.