Nike Releases New Ad Featuring All Female Athletes


Serena Williams was one of the many athletes featured in this ad. Williams also does the voiceover for this ad as well.

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

Nike recently released a new advertisement for their brand featuring all female athletes. It starts with a woman crying on the field with star tennis player Serena Williams doing a voice-over that shines light onto the stereotypes shown in the media surrounding female athletes.

“[Initial thoughts are that this commercial is] True, unfortunately, and I love it.“ Crystal Jilbert said.

The commercial then goes on to show a little girl playing football on a boys team and the members of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team. Williams’ voice-over says that women are called crazy or delusional for trying to become equal with male athletes.

It also shows female coaches and athletes yelling at referees and how in the media, they are called unhinged, hysterical, or irrational, whereas in articles about male coaches yelling at a referee, they are called passionate, or just trying to do what’s right for their team.

“[have you ever experienced different treatment while being a female athlete/coach?]Probably, but I try not to let stuff bother me. It says more about the person commenting than you.”

Then it shows women doing what was thought to be crazy overcoming those obstacles, despite what society thought. Women boxing, or dunking, or coaching a professional team was all called crazy, but they did it.  Ibtihaj Muhammad competing in a hijab was crazy, or changing her sport, or being the first woman to land a skill, but these women all did it.

“[Are women portrayed differently than men?] Absolutely. You don’t see female sports on main channels, they’re always on side channels.” Jilbert said.

Women in sports are constantly portrayed as crazy when doing what they are passionate about or doing what was thought to be impossible. The ad ends with saying “It’s only crazy until you do it.” This advertisement illustrates the difference in portrayal between women in men in sports and has received lots of positive responses since it aired.