The running start program could be for you


This is the Green River College Campus, which is one of the schools that provide the running start program in Washington

Hanna Andersson, Staff Reporter

The time when Auburn Riverside students need to decide what classes to take next year is coming up. With this, there is also a choice for sophomores to enroll in the Running Start Program that is provided by the Washington state. This is a program that allows 11 and 12 graders to take classes in one of Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges and earn both high school and college credits. But what are some things worth considering before making this choice?

A statement made by the online magazine ParentMap is that “through the program called Running Start students can take community college classes to fulfill their high school graduation requirements, and they’ll get college credit, for free.”

This is a massive benefit for some students that might struggle financially or just don’t want to spend as much money on education. As a running start student you will take some or all your classes at a college campus which will make the high school experience different.

Depending on the person, this difference might be positive or negative. The running start students are still allowed to be involved in sports and clubs at their high school which means that they don’t miss out on that particular part.

As far as what the current running start students from ARHS thinks about the program, the commentaries have been overall positive. They experience that the class schedule lays the ground for more effective learning which also opens up for more spare time.

“I’m not sitting in class doing nothing,” says Chloe Knox, who is a running start junior from ARHS.

One of our counselors here at the school, Dr. Dan Polley, held an informative presentation about this upcoming choice where he also points out that you have to be able to provide your own transportation when choosing running start.

The program is not for everybody, but it is worth looking into because it could just be the perfect choice for you.