SoundCloud gives rappers of all ages a platform


AngelTheSauceGod is a freshman rapper here at Riverside. He uploads music ranging from rap, to R&B, to memes.

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

With SoundCloud rappers starting to blow up more and more, teens alike are now attempting to jump on the bandwagon and are uploading music of their own. They even start a local following and their songs start to climb in popularity. Though, with the increase of the popularity in SoundCloud rappers, many people seem to have their own opinions whether they’re positive or negative.

“I make a lot of R&B, rap, and meme songs,” said freshman Angel Gonzales, or AngelTheSauceGod. “My friend Max Johnson, or Yung Big on SoundCloud makes music, and that really inspired me to start making music.”

Student SoundCloud rappers tend to not have a huge following, more of it consisting of Instagram followers and people within the school. When it comes to making music, some are very passionate about it while others just make it to make it. Since many kids search up common genres and topics, those are the types of songs that are created, whether it be sad or comedy.

The platform can be used to express feelings and emotions through music and sharing it for the world to listen to. Since it’s so accessible, artists are much more discoverable and are easier to keep track of. Not to mention, sharing music on the platform is free. The site also doesn’t use filters, making it easier to put content out there. And since SoundCloud is a mostly free service, it brings in over 175 million listening users a month.

Because the platform is so accessible, many unknown artists flock to put out their content. It can even help promote local artists, even if they’re not even looking to put out tracks. Even though the quality isn’t as good as professionally recorded tracks, it’s a good start for beginner artists.

SoundCloud, for many, has become a platform for teens alike to be inspired by one another and express themselves through creation. This generation is starting to be drawn more and more to SoundCloud, some even claiming that the music platform is making a comeback. Of course, this has an impact to the way music, especially rap, is created today.