Trends And Styles Making A Comeback


Checkerboard Vans, scrunchies, and AirPods seem to be taking this generation by storm. It is common to see a scrunchie adorning someone's wrist or their hair, and it's normal to see someone walking the halls with AirPods in.

Trends have come and gone throughout the years, but certain ones recently have created a huge splash within our generation. Including scrunchies, AirPods, and even checkerboard Vans, people seem to have many opinions on these returning items. Because of the increasing popularity, many brands and stores have even taken advantage of this, selling at high prices and even making cheaper dupes. Those aren’t the only returning trends, though. High-waisted jeans, overalls, and the punk, vintage, and retro styles have returned as well.

As far as the vintage and retro styles go, the scrunchies and high-waisted jeans are definitely tied in. Scrunchies first originated in the 60’s, but weren’t patented until the 80’s. They were mostly popular in the 80’s and 90’s, returning just recently.

“I think they’re okay”, said freshman Ellie Safsten when asked about her opinion on the return of scrunchies. “I don’t ever wear them or have any”.

Along with the scrunchies come the return of windbreakers and certain style dresses. A common outfit is either a graphic tee or a button-down tucked into a pair of high-waisted mom jeans.

Even though AirPods came out in late 2016, they’re just now blowing up, including becoming a meme in themselves. Students around the school have been seen wearing these devices around the school and even in class. Some people believe their overrated, while others think they’re useful and overall worth it for the money. When asked if she thought AirPods were overrated, Safsten responded with,

“I don’t think so, I think they can be pretty useful”.

Many people have mixed opinions on these tiny wireless earbuds, valid reasoning for the opinions.

As for checkerboard Vans, the fifty dollar shoes seem to be owned by a large majority. They started after the Vans founder saw teenage skaters coloring the rubber midsole of their shoe with black pens to create the iconic checkerboard look. Though, it wasn’t until 1982 that they began to grow more and more popular. It’s not uncommon to see a group of people walking down the hall with the same pairs of shoes on, specifically those ones.

“I don’t own any, but I think they look cool”, said Safsten.

Overalls were originally made to be used a protective garment for slaves in about 1776. Overalls started out as a pair of pants that were attached to suspenders. They were a very popular working outfit because of the durability of them. Later on in the 1970’s through 1980’s and the 21 century, they became a very popular clothing item with the youth when began coming out in more textures, fabrics, and different colors. Fashion shows also boosted the popularity.

Punk fashion has been popular for a long time, fluctuating in and out of popularity. Studs, ripped clothing, and dark colors have a huge part of this style. Black and smudged eyeliner was also very common. Along with those, leather jackets and boots were a popular addition. People who wore this style also usually listened to punk rock music.

Although many trends have come and gone, it’s always fun to see new styles, no matter how old. They can even spark new inspiration in individuals, and can even help advance the fashion world. Whether people wear scrunchies or AirPods, no matter the opinion, society will always be changing.