“Temptation Island” show brings the drama


All four couples on the island have issues in their relationships, some more than others. One couple is on the island to see if their cheating ways are a thing of the past. I don’t believe they will stay faithful to each other even halfway into the season.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

Temptation Island is a reality television show that received a reboot and returned on January 15 on USA. The original show first premiered on January 10, 2001 on Fox network, and ran for three seasons. Temptation Island is about four couples who fly to a destination island, and are met by 24 singles, men and women alike, who are willing and ready to steal their love, and break up the couples. The men stay in one villa with all the single women, and the woman stay in another villa with all the single men. They do not get to see or talk to each other for 20 days, when they will make a decision to stay together or break up.  

The four couples are Javen and Shari, who have been together for eight years and started dating in high school, Evan and Kaci who have been dating exclusively for the past five years, Karl and Nicole who have been dating for two-and-half years, and southerners John and Kady who have been dating for three years. All the couples bring a lot of life and personality to the show, and some personalities are bigger than others. Shari, for example, got upset when she saw all of the women that Javen was going to be living with, and she was very vocal about it. This rubbed the singles and the couples to wrong way, and everyone picked up on her insecurities.

The couples have all signed up for the show because they have questions or reservations about their relationships, and about marriage. With all the people on this show, I have serious doubts that any of them will be walking down the aisle. I have faith at least one couple will get engaged at the end of the show.

The reboot is set in Maui, Hawaii, and the villas that provide a lot of space and privacy to be tempted by the opposite sex. All of the singles came ready and willing to get to know their taken counterparts, which makes the show really interesting because nothing is off limits.  

I would recommend this show to anyone who loves drama and reality dating shows. I am already hooked on this completely bizarre adventure of Temptation Island.