Government shutdown over presidential temper tantrum

Federal workers and contractors rally against the government shutdown outside the White House on Jan. 10, 2019


Federal workers and contractors rally against the government shutdown outside the White House on Jan. 10, 2019

PJ Sills, Managing Editor

Since December 22, the United States government has been on an immature hiatus. Thousands of federal government employees have been out of work for weeks without chance for unemployment. President Donald Trump is asking for $5.6 billion in order to fund the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the United States.


Between spewing comments and actions that have been endlessly criticized, and delivering extensive speeches without any bringing up any legitimate facts or answering any questions, Trump has driven a great deal of the world crazy, especially within the state.


“I believe that every citizen of the US should register to vote and have a voice”, ASL teacher Cindy Anderson said. “They should put some effort into understanding who is leading our country, and care enough to become knowledgeable to make a good wise decision. Hopefully this all serves as a bitter wake up call”.


Building a wall on the border would actually increase the amount of illegal immigrants occupying the United States. Over 65 percent of the country’s illegal immigrants who have been deported came either via by boat, underground passage system, or cargo plane, according to David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity.


Bier is an expert on visa reform, border security, and interior enforcement, and his work has been cited in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Politico, and many other print and online publications.


“Our country stands for embracing all kinds of people, ethnicities. It’s what our country was founded on. It’s counterproductive to diversity”, Anderson said. “Perhaps rather than funneling billions of dollars towards a wall we could put it towards security measures and jobs for immigrants who are seeking asylum”.


Trump is standing his ground, letting the House of Representatives duke it out to figure out what must be done and how long it will take. As of right now, the discussion is in deadlock. It’s entertaining to consider how ironic Trump’s position is. From the very beginning, this so wall was one he claimed that Mexico would pay for, but here we are.


“I’d like the shutdown to end. I’d like to go back to my job”, said Matthew Chrichton, a 32-year-old staffer for the Peace Corps, adding that he’d moved to Washington for his job four months ago and that “living in DC is expensive”.


The selfishness and ignorance from our so called righteous leader has led thousands of families to poverty, depression, and a state of confusion. As of right now, this shutdown has stood as the country’s longest.


For the sake of all government employees, and for all of our sanity, let’s all hope this shutdown comes to a resolution soon, and one that doesn’t end with a steel barrier between America and Mexico.