Holidays with Split Parents

Parents sometimes don't realize how fighting during the holidays effects kids.

Parents sometimes don't realize how fighting during the holidays effects kids.

Maddy Taylor, staff reporter

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The holiday season is a magical time of year where you spend time with family and have a happy end to the new year, but for some people that isn’t always the case. For many people across the world, their holidays are a little bit more complicated because their parents are split up. Not being able to see both parents on one of the “happiest” holidays can take a toll on everyone in the family and creates chaos some of the time.

While not everyone who has experience with parents being split up has a bad time with it. For many children though, holidays can be extra tough on them because they end up having separate holidays with each parent and having to go to see your parents significant others family that hardly knows who you are.

The illusion about split parent holidays is that the kid gets a bunch of different holidays and they get extra presents on Christmas and their birthday, but in reality, you get one holiday broken into fractions. You end up having two different Christmas days, two different Christmas dinners, and your entire winter break turns into a stressful and split-up two weeks with whatever holiday you’re celebrating breaking off into little pieces.

While both of the parents try their hardest to make the holidays an easy, happy time for the kids, it can still be really tough on the kids and other family members. Working around everyone’s schedules and trying to find days to do presents and dinner each holiday adds and extra layer of stress and pressure on everyone to try and make Christmas as normal as they can.

What makes even harder is having to go see your parents significant others family. Half the time they either don’t know who you are or just exclude you from everything because you don’t know their traditions. Feeling left out on the holidays is an especially hard thing to deal with for kids because they all refer to you as “so-and-so’s kids” and never actually learn your name.

The holiday season is supposed to the most wonderful time of the year, but having parents that are no longer together creates a different connotation for the kids of those people. It adds stress and a new emotional level to the holidays that no kid should go through. While not everyone’s holiday is like this, divorce and break-ups with parents can still be very hard on children during any time of year.