Raven Christmas Traditions


Photo of children decorating a Christmas tree. An example of Christmas traditions, maybe not on Christmas, but before it in and in the holiday season.

Celeste Pearisaeff, Staff Reporter

Traditions are something that many hold to their hearts. Christmas time is one of the busiest holidays for families and people due to their own personal traditions, traditions that make the season way more fun and fulfilling. For those who care especially about their holiday traditions, it’s always also enjoyable to learn about others Christmas rituals, whether you’re hearing it from a friend/fellow student, or a teacher that you have! Here are some teachers and Ravens and how they celebrate the season of Christmas.

Mr. Jones, Yearbook, Math teacher and JV Boys Soccer Coach: 

“The Jones’ Family has three children, two out in the workforce and one at college.  It is a time of ‘homecoming’ for us as a family as it is the one time of year that we are all together! We have the following traditions that we do every year:  We always have a day in Seattle and always go to a fancy restaurant, see the Gingerbread Houses at the Hilton, give each kid $100 to go buy a gift for one of the other siblings, and see the lights!  In addition, we always find something new to do on this full-day outing, last year we visited the Harry-Potter Village up in Fremont (a resident has reconstructed the Hogwarts Alley in the space adjacent to their house), this year we are going to a Burlesque Show!  Christmas morning traditions are always a giant breakfast (with Dad’s famous cinnamon rolls), open gifts, and then head to the movies (always a musical, this year Mary Poppins Returns!). Followed of course, by Family Game Night!”

Mr. Evans, Health and Boys Baseball Coach: 

“My family always wakes up as early as we can (usually between 4-5 a.m. ) and meets in the living room around the tree. We always open presents first and then hit the stockings. Then we go to my parent’s house with the kids, where there is always coffee waiting for the adults and hot chocolate waiting for the kids. Christmas music playing and everyone opening gifts. Then it is to my grandparent’s house where we meet my whole family (usually between 40-50 people) and have family time there as well as brunch for the rest of the day!”

Mrs. Wharton, Orchestra teacher: 

“The Pacific Northwest Ballet has its dress rehearsal the night before Thanksgiving.  My husband plays in the orchestra, and it is our tradition to go see it every year that evening.  It kicks off the holiday season and is so much fun. We also finish Thanksgiving dinner, and the family loves to immediately put up the Christmas Tree.  We like to put up lights on the house but are usually busy with concerts, so sometimes we don’t get them up. We love to make Christmas cookies the day after we get out of school for winter break.  We also hide a pickle ornament on the tree, and the one who finds it on Christmas morning gets an extra gift!”

Zarreah Barren, Senior:

Christmas is a big holiday in my family. We always get a live tree, usually about a week before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we head to church and when we come home everyone gets to open one present. Usually it’s one of the smaller presents, just enough to get you really excited for the next day. On Christmas, we all open our gifts in our pajamas. Then, we get ready for dinner, and usually it’s at my house. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins come. We exchange presents with them then and open them. It’s really exciting and after presents we eat dinner as one big family.

Lani Marshal, Junior: 

“Some of the Christmas traditions my family has been doing for several years now… Get up early (around 6 in the morning) to open Christmas presents because my dad usually works Christmas morning. Christmas dinner we usually have crab for dinner. We Skype family members who live on the East Coast who are all at my cousin’s house celebrating together. We also just spend Christmas day just watching the holiday movies playing on the Hallmark Channel just in our PJ’s”.

Emma Halford, Sophomore: 

For my family, Christmas is a day where we just sit around, eat food and be together. For the past six years, it has become a tradition that my family wakes up at 8:00 and then we all have crepes together. After breakfast we all go through our stockings, personally, it’s my favorite part of the day. Inside the average stocking at my house, you can usually find a pair of fun socks. Anyway, after stockings, we open gifts one person at a time, switching off who is opening them. Once gift opening is done, then we don’t really do anything, just sit around in our pajamas and snack. For Christmas dinner, we switch it up every year. We have had everything from sushi or breakfast again.

Jolee Bell, Freshman:

“My family always sets up our Christmas tree a couple days after Thanksgiving. We also eat seafood and gumbo for dinner on Christmas”.