Students reveal their ideal school environment


Students feel that respect is a major key to having an ideal school environment where everyone can feel safe and welcomed.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

There are many different ways to gather a school culture and environment. From making sure everyone feels accepted to reaching out to someone you don’t know well. School environment is very important in making sure everyone feels safe, and should always be positive. They are also important because they encourage learning and the feeling of safety. With Winter Wishes in full swing, it is important for students to be conscious of the environment around them.

Our school environment can improve in different ways, but it has a lot to do which how people treat each other and how much they understand each other.

“[We can achieve a better environment by] being more aware about the people around them, think of others in more need than yourself”, sophomore Anthony Solovyev said. “Look for people who are being put down and help the people around you”.

A very important part of a school environment is acceptance and inclusion. Students feel that respect is very important when it comes to the tone of our school.

“[My perfect school environment] is where everybody can support each other in any decision”, freshman Mallory Fredeen said.

Everybody should feel safe and comfortable coming to school to better their education. When someone is getting bullied it is up to the people around them to stop it from happening. Students understand that these things are very important to make sure everyone can attend school without feeling scared or sad.