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2016-2017 Staff

Sierra Fox

staff reporter

Writing has always been very important to me. I write if I'm feeling down and it always helps me through it. I'm passionate for sharing my opinions and stories to others. I'm extremely happy to be in Newspaper and work together...

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Alyssa Shrader

Staff Reporter

This is my first year in Newspaper, and I'm already enjoying it! I like writing my own stories (mostly fanfics) but journalistic writing is pretty fun too.

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Jessica Perez


Hey! I'm a senior, and the editor-in-chief of the paper, and this is my fourth year on the Newspaper staff. I am looking forward to being the editor of InFlight for another year and I hope to learn many new things from my ...

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Sara Koenig

Business Manager & Reporter

Class of 2017! I was promoted to Business Manager two years ago, and this is my fourth year with the paper. I am also the editor of Smudges, our literary magazine. I enjoy creating graphics, and writing opinion or feature articles...

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Sasha Terry

Staff Reporter

Hey! I'm a senior and this is my fourth year on the Newspaper staff. This year I was promoted as social media editor. I enjoy writing news, opinion, entertainment and sports articles.

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ZaReah Barren

Staff Reporter

Hi people, I am a sophomore and this is my second year on staff. I like to write feature articles, as well as opinion articles. I am a very happy, and peppy, person. I love to smile and have fun. I try to bring these qualities...

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Chloe Knox

Staff Reporter

Hey, I'm a freshman, and a staff reporter for the paper. Last year I was the editor-in-chief of The Canine Chronicle at MBMS. I am on the cross country team, and will join track in the spring. I am also a member of Auburn Youth Co...

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Bailee Youngren

Staff Reporter

Hey, I'm a freshman staff reporter for the school newspaper. I was the photo editor last year for The Canine Chronicle. You can usually find me with my headphones in and laughing with my friends. I am currently on the JV cheer...

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Bella Coronado

Staff Reporter

Hi I'm a junior. This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I enjoy writing and interviewing new people! I love to learn new things that will make my writing better. I am excited for the next two years on staff!

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Alexus Jacobs

Staff Reporter

Hey, guys! I am a freshman, previously on newspaper at Mt. Baker Middle School. Some of my hobbies are writing, drawing and being a certified big sister. I look forward to becoming the editor in my senior year and writing plenty...

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PJ Sills

Managing Editor

Hi! I'm a junior and this is my second year on the InFlight staff! I like naps, pizza, coffee, and in general being a goofball and having a good time. However, when it's time to crack down and get to business, I'm the Managing...

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Maya Martin

Staff Reporter

Hello there, Ravens! My name is Maya Martin, and I'm so excited that this is my first year on newspaper! I'm a freshman who loves to perform on stage, run cross-country and, you guessed it, write. A lot. My favorite food is definitely...

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