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O Christmas Tree…be real!

Carley Likes, guest reporter

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Reindeer, mistletoe, angels and bells are all symbols of Christmas but a Christmas tree can be the most important. A Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas regardless if it’s real or not, but when you cannot even take the time to get a real tree and experience a true Christmas then you must be crazy.

“Going and getting a Christmas tree is a family tradition, but I don’t mind either way,” Principal Dave Halford said.

In my opinion there is nothing like the smell of pine trees, and if you don’t like a real tree you are not in the full spirit of Christmas. Ever since I was little I have always had a real tree. Every year my family goes together, picks a tree, and cuts it down. Yes, pine needles may be a little messy to clean up, but is that actually a problem when you can have the nice smell?

“I chose real trees because it is not Christmas without a real tree,” sophomore Jacob Lonergan said. “A fake tree, A fake Christmas.”

I totally agree with Jacob. Fake trees can be ridiculous, especially with all the weird things on them. Today you can find any kind of fake tree you can think of. Some trees can have that silly fake snow on them or the pre-lit trees that already have the lights on them. I do not really think that a Christmas tree should have snow on it if it’s inside. People can be lazy enough to not even put up their own lights, too. In my family, decorating the tree is a thing we do every year, not just to bond over the wonderful holiday, but to also to make our tree unique.

One problem that people might have with choosing a real or fake tree is deciding which tree is the more green choice. Real trees are the more green choice for many reasons. For example, a real tree can be used over again. When Christmas is over and we are done with the tree, it can be shredded into bark for our yard.

“Fake plants save money and trees,” freshman Ciara Weybrew said.

There is absolutely nothing people can do with a fake tree but throw it away or put it back in the garage for next year. No one wants to store a fake tree or have to go through the trouble and hassle of taking it out of storage each year and putting it away when you can just go get a new one.

Real trees look better, too. A fake plastic tree takes forever to assemble and does not look good. They have big holes in random places and plastic things all over. You don’t have to assemble a real tree do you? Plus, real trees are pretty inexpensive. Christmas trees can be bought for as little as 10 dollars, and a fake one can be from 35 dollars or higher. Fake trees are just a waste of money. Wasting time, money, effort.

Fake Christmas trees just don’t provide a solid replacement for the real thing. Therefore getting a real tree is the right choice for the holidays.

—> Christmas Tree be fake, by Lisa Gray

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O Christmas Tree…be real!