Summer break too short

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Sasha Terry, staff reporter
June 10, 2014

School will come to an end soon and summer vacation will begin! Some students don’t like the break because it’s too long from the school year and they would like to continue learning. Other students like the break because they want to have fun in the sun and hang out with friends. I like summer because... Read more »

Dark Souls 2 lags

Dark souls web

Dylan Johnston, editor-in-chief
June 10, 2014

Dark Souls 2 is a very unpolished game, especially in the multiplayer. It is more broken than the last game, and the lag is even worse. ‘From Software’ made some dumb decisions on how to “balance the game.” In Dark Souls 2, ‘From Software’ introduced two new stats for characters to... Read more »

Hollywood should leave the video for games

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Cameron Fairchild, staff reporter
June 10, 2014

An increasing number of video games are becoming more cinematic in their presentation. Games like Uncharted program movie-like action set-pieces to mirror the game’s inspiration (Indiana Jones), while games like Heavy Rain reduce control of the action down to a series of quick-time button presses.... Read more »

Feminism doesn’t accomplish equality

Jude Hanno, staff reporter
June 10, 2014

The feminist movement has been a grand part of American society and it has shaped its outlook on women. The modern feminist movement started with Betty Friedan in 1962 and “The Feminine Mystique,” her novel, which inspired women to fight for the same treatment as men. Even in the definition,... Read more »

Gender equality in school sports a must

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Jessica Perez, staff reporter
June 10, 2014

You can’t play sports! You’re a girl! From a young age, we are taught to think that only a certain gender can play certain sports. Boys seem to have the idea that girls are too weak to play “guy sports” and that they are too manly to play “girl sports.” Who said sports have... Read more »

Social media alters real-life interaction

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Jude Hanno, staff reporter
May 6, 2014

We are called the global generation. The generation of technology. Technology brings a lot to the attention of everyday teenagers, and one of the most important factors of this is found in social media. Social media plays very distinct roles in our society and they can both be positive and negative. Social... Read more »

Media fixates on Flight 370

hollywoodized media web

Eric Walker, staff reporter
May 6, 2014

Turn on the news today and it is not too uncommon for there to be a story on  something that will grab your attention and keep you entertained. In recent years, mainstream news channels like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News have become more like news broadcasters rather than journalists, only looking for an... Read more »

Esports overhyped, toxic

League_of_Legends web

Dylan Johnston, staff reporter
May 6, 2014

Sports are not defined by the physical capabilities of a team, they are defined by the mental abilities and wisdom they possess together. That is what esports is all about. There is nothing physical about it, it is all in the ability to make quick and smart decisions. Esports are video games played professionally... Read more »

Internet hoaxes dominate the web

knowthefacts web

Sara Koenig, staff reporter
May 6, 2014

I’ve never understood why people choose to believe what they read online.  I mean, it’s like people believe that there’s some official that, for some reason that I am not privy to, monitors everything that goes on the internet and fact checks it. Why would some person who I don’t know about... Read more »

Pop sensation Justin Bieber is ruined

jb web

Jacob Lonergan, staff reporter
May 6, 2014

Justin Bieber is a pop sensation that has swept the globe ever since his debut in 2008 with Usher, but over time, his reputation has gone from teen heartthrob, to a flat out yob. A yob is defined as a person, usually a young person, who is noisy, annoying and rude. Before I get into this story, I’d... Read more »

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