Racism still prominent in different forms


Jessica Perez, Editor-in-Chief
June 9, 2015

Racism has been a problem for several generations, and it is still a huge problem in society today. Hundreds of people, not just dark-skinned, experience racism every day. I remember the first day my younger brother went to a new school. He told me that many of the darker skinned students made fun of... Read more »

Religious extremism shown through protests, ideals

De'ja Heard, staff reporter
June 9, 2015

Religious extremism is taboo to many people. Religious radicalism is not just in one religion; in fact, in almost every religion there is at least one group of extremists. Radicals are people who will go to any lengths to enforce what they believe. They do this by holding riots, marches, or even killing... Read more »

Teenage jobs prove good for values, responsibility

De'Ja Heard, staff reporter
June 9, 2015

It’s that time of year when high school students start looking for summer jobs, and to make major cash. Working during the summer is great for high school students. In the summer we have time to work and hang out with friends, meaning we have bank to spend. Summer jobs are great for students looking... Read more »

Former relationships create angst through messaging

Ex web

Alyssa Ferry, Staff Reporter
June 9, 2015

Your phone goes off, the front screen flashes and a prominent “DO NOT RESPOND” rolls across with a notification for a text message below it. It’s your ex, and they’re looking for advice. The real kicker is that your ex is asking you for relationship advice, when you haven’t looked their way... Read more »

Straight teeth, crooked social construct

lips web copy

Jessica Perez, Staff Reporter
May 5, 2015

The treacherous and dreadful thing we know as braces have saved the teeth of many people throughout the world. The end result may be fantastic, but the whole process of having braces is very expensive and painful. Braces cost thousands of dollars only to be a never ending cycle of pain. They are worth... Read more »

Diversity acceptance prompts cultural invasion

Cinco color web

Aaron Baker, staff reporter
May 5, 2015

In an age when accepting cultural diversity has become the latest fads, needless celebration of holidays considered novel by the ethnic majority is now seen as fashionable. Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated by the white American demographic, but the streets of Mexico are, in fact, as quiet as usual... Read more »

Vape life: making haze on values

vape guy lots of smoke top

Jude Hanno, Jesse Eisenbacher, staff reporters
May 5, 2015

The human race is naturally accustomed to following the crowd. From what we wear to what we do, the topics that never fail to spark our interests are those that are the most prevalent and popular. Although this universal herding can at times be completely harmless (such as fashion and pop music), trends... Read more »

Reality TV distorts truth, dampens intellect


De'Ja Heard, staff reporter
March 27, 2015

Reality TV. The new way to get into celebrities’ lives seeing them laugh, cry, and sometimes even fight. Back in the early 2000s, reality TV was about family, seeing your favorite superstar eat a bowl of cereal, or getting an inside look on someone’s great, or average life. MTV was especially good... Read more »

Collective persuasion of social media inhibits masses

Cameron Fairchild, staff reporter
March 27, 2015

Think back to the last major event in your life you didn’t share with your friends on the internet. Think of the last cool place you visited that you didn’t Snapchat about or take a selfie next to. Social apps, in all their multitudes, have given us a platform to record and respond to the events... Read more »

Online dating proves risk not worth reward

internertweb copy

March 27, 2015

Everybody is always on the search for a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a friend with benefits, or just a companionship. It’s basically wired into our brains. As humans we yearn to have some kind of connection with other humans. The introverts of our race just don’t like having that companionship sprung... Read more »

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