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Review: Hitlantis

Kelley Pickett, staff reporter

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Finding new and decent music is a battle, one lots of people fight most days with a grimace on their faces and a stiff-search-engine-clicking feel in their hands. It’s a long and tiring battle for the ‘mainstreamers,’ and an even more tumultuous task for those who have more specificity when choosing what to filter into their fragile brains.

As music connoisseurs, we rely on sites like YouTube, Pandora, GrooveShark, and those unreliable top twenty lists to find new bands and songs. These sites may relieve some of the stress induced by music-hunting, but even still, I fear, there is an emptiness that needs filling in my hungry-little-musical-soul, and I know I’m not the only one.

But have no fear! Hitlantis is here!

It’s like an intravenous drip of a variety of new and stimulating bands from throughout the world, all in one convenient little place, for anyone to peruse at their own leisure. Based and managed in Finland, Hitlantis offers a little bit of everything, and more.

Go to the URL bar, type in, and prepare to be amazed. What sets Hitlantis apart is the colorful bubbles arranged in organized chaos on the homepage. They are color sorted in a massive blob surrounding one bubble which features highlighted bands and the occasional advertisement. The colors represent the genre of music. For example, dark blue is alternative and bright green is R&B. Under each genre there are literally hundreds of bands. Each represented by its own little bubble. All the user has to do is zoom in and click to begin exploring new and upcoming bands.

There is a search feature and handy icons which allow the user to create playlists, submit feedback, get help, and look at videos.

The site is evermore expanding, as well, adding new band-bubbles often. Anyone can make an account; they are free and offered for music seekers and bands alike. Bands can sell music as well as get free publicity on the site. It’s a great tool to utilize, as there are a fair amount of bands running around Riverside.

“Hitlantis is a music community where everyone can come to discover new Music easier than ever before. Hitlantis inhabits Music Lovers and Artists. On the Hitlantis Map, Users may easily see the quantity of Artists per different musical genres. Also, The Map displays the popularity very well: the hotter the Artist is the closer to the center they are.”

The site writes under general information to describe itself. It’s true. It’s a user friendly music sharing site. The site has slim to no bugs or glitches. The site does not ask to be granted credit-card-stealing permissions on your computer’s hard drive. It is safe and efficient. If anything, it is at least worth a glance. What’s the worst than can come from it?

Everybody should check it out, to see what the fuss is about, because lives are definitely changed on Hitlantis.

Remember folks, you may lose a battle, but Hitlantis can help you win the war.

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Auburn Riverside Student Voice
Review: Hitlantis